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What's the history and philosophy of Belgian Beer Import Ltd.
Founded in 2002 by Bart Verhaeghe, Belgian Beer Import Ltd had a big influence in updating the range, quality and availability of Belgian Beers in the South East of England. 

This page gives a short overview of the history and philosophy of Belgian Beer Import Ltd.

Our Company

Belgian Beer Import Ltd was founded in 2002 by Bart Verhaeghe and is based in Woking. Our customer base was about 50 after one year and has been growing steadily up to 150 businesses in 2006. We still sell the widest range of Belgian beers supplied from most of the 100 remaining breweries in Flanders and Wallonia. Since then, we also strongly increased our product range with the finest exclusive beers from Holland and a very steady range of German pilsners, whitebeers and bockbeers. We are proud to supply highly reputable pubs, restaurants, specialised off-licences and CAMRA beer festivals all over South East England.

Our Philosophy

We import a range of real ales from traditional Belgian family breweries.

We promote the ‘Belgian Beer Culture’.

We want to deliver top quality service at the lowest price.

We provide promotional material, information and glasses.

We act green by reclycing all bottles by shipping them back to the brewery where they are simply re-used.