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These are the new beers and promotions for February 2007

This will soon be updated as we have new beers from Vanhonsebrouck, 'tHofbrouwerijke, Oud Beersel, Millevertus and Captain Cooker

(on the market or in our range)
From the Angerik brewery, we now have
Boerke blond 12x33cl 6.5% abv, blond fruit and caramelly ale.
Boerke bruin 12x33cl 6.5%  abv, dark, sweet, carmal and burnt tasty ale,


From the Contreras brewery, we now have
Valeir dubbel 24x33cl, 6.5%, dark brown East Flanders Ale. Very taste but easy drinking
Valeir Divers 24x33cl, 8.5% blond triple ale, good balance between fruit, malt and hops.


From the Halve Maan brewery in Brugge, we now have
Brugse zot dubbel, 24x33cl, 7.5%abv, very nice and easy drinking brown ale. Good balance of malts and hops.


From De Ster, St-Niklaas (brewed at Proefbrouwerij), we now have
Boerken 20x33cl, 9%abv, Dark brown ale, very rich but relatively dry. Excellent
Boerinneken 20x33cl. 9%abv, Blond Triple ale, very well balanced between malts and hops. A discovery.

From the St Pieters (Zenne) brewery, we now have
Zinnebier 24x33cl 6%abv, fruity blond ale, slightly sweet first but very dry finish
Taras Bulba 24x33cl 4.8%abv, traditional amber ale, dry taste, easy drinking