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This page will highlight a beer, a brewery or a brewer
 per month!
And this could be for any reason!!!

JULY 2007
Full summer now, time for a whitebeer probably. WATOU WIT is certainly a new belgian classic! A conventional belgian whitebeer with wheat spiced with orange zests and coriander but brewed with care and love at the Vaneecke brewery at Watou. Lovely at the barbecue or in the New Forest!


JUNE 2007
Summer is in the air. This smells of cherry blossoms!!! KASTEEL ROUGE is a new strong cherry beer from the Vanhonsebrouck brewery. It is based on their Kasteel bruin and the liquor used to make the 'Mon Cherie' chocolates. At 8% this combination works extremely well and the brewery certainly created a different fruit beer!

MAY 2007
Lovely month of may! We therefore selected CARACOLE SAXO. This perfect blond ale from the Dinant brewery 'Caracole' will always a perfect marriage between drinkability and sophistication! Just try this one. Adolphe Sax was born in Dinant and invented the saxophone!


                                                      APRIL 2007
This month we have selected ' GENTSE TRIPEL'. This is an extremely nice blond triple ale based on a personal recipe of Marc Van Lieferinghe (Hopduvel, Gent). This beer is extremely popular in Gent and is one of the highlight drinks of the annual Gentse Feesten in July!!!


MARCH 2007

As Easter is closing in on us, we have to go for the famous 'Boskeun' from the Dolle Brewers. This fabulous Easter beer is slightly different each year, but this year it is excellent again. Well done, Chris