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In this section, we will announce important news in the belgian brewing world and related news from the UK and Belgian Beer Import Ltd.

The Saint Sixtus monks of Westvleteren have a problem and they are desperate for a solution this time!
Since last year due to all the excellent publicity in the media, the monastry was flooded with thousands of Westvleteren trappist addicts. There was absolute chaos at the monastry and the police had to come in to minimise riots.
Since then a new system for ordering and picking up their fabulous beers was put in place. You had to call in and place an order and you received an order number and a pick-up date. Sounds good but the queues were now.... at the telephone. There was no way to get connected and even belgium's telecom was called in to find a solution. Even this is not satisfactory yet.
A recent newspaper article revealed that the monks are now desperate and they are asking anybody's help to find a good solution. Maybe praying does!