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We import a range of real ales from traditional Belgian family breweries.

We are known to import in a reliable way the most extended range of exquisite belgian beers from about 100 belgian breweries. We try to focus on smaller and family breweries helping them into this exciting British beer market.

We work independently as 'beer broker' and try to get any beer the customer is requiring also when it is initially not in our product list.

We also have the most extended list of Belgian Draught beers.



We promote the ‘Belgian Beer Culture’.

We do more than just deliver Belgian Beers. Being Belgian, it helps in bringing over a bit of Belgian beer and Food culture. We support our customers in choosing the right beers for their venue, providing eventually staff training and providing help and expertise for organising beer and food tastings.


We want to deliver top quality service at the lowest price.

We fully respect customer's needs and time requirements and are keeping sufficient stock to provide fluent delivery. We keep our prices competitive but have a price adaptation once a year depending on excise, cost and fuel increases.


We provide promotional material, information and glasses.
As every beer needs its own glass, we try to supply as many as is manageable. Promotional materials as posters, beer mats and other gadgets are also available.
We act green and try to reduce are carbon foot prints!
Being envirnomentally concerned we do recycle our crates bottles by sending them back to the breweries where they are washed and re-used.
We try to minimalise our mileage by grouping as many deliveries into full vans.